Saturday, 31 March 2012


Guess I should probably start out with why exactly I've created a Lookbook. Firstly because I love clothes. Secondly because I have too many clothes and I want to give myself motivation to actually wear more than just a few favourites. And lastly because I really like putting cool stuff together and documenting it. Annnnnd I've met quite a view people who like what I come up with - so I'm sharing with whoever wants to see :)
Most of my stuff is relatively inexpensive but sometimes I splash out, sometimes I like what the crowd does and sometimes it's the polar opposite, sometimes I'm way ahead (I said green jeans, lace sleeves and faux fur vests two years ago and everyone thought I was crazy) and sometimes I get stuck in the past (mum's yellow elastic skirt from the 70s). When it comes down to it I like beautiful things. So welcome to my idea of what's beautiful.
Sahara xx

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